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The Centre for Better Health is a registered charity that supports wellbeing and recovery from mental ill health. We provide a holistic range of services in a trusted, community-based, non-clinical setting:


Better Health Counselling: Our low-cost counselling service helps people to make sense of difficult experiences, deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes in their lives.


Better Health Hub: Our Hub offers a range of low-cost creative, movement and therapeutic groups and courses to support self-care and promote wellbeing.


Better Health Training: Our social enterprise (comprising of Better Health Bikes and Better Health Products) offers 12-week, work-skills training placements to help provide in-roads into employment for those who are struggling with their mental health.


Pathways to Better Health: Pathways is our outreach and support service for 18-25-year-olds living in City and Hackney. We offer free, one-to-one support for up to 12 sessions. Whilst not a counselling or therapy service, we can offer a safe space to talk about how young adults are feeling, and provide practical, personalised support to help with this.


Through our services, we support individuals to achieve:


  • Personal growth

  • Improved wellbeing and quality of life

  • Employment progression


Our ultimate goal is for individuals to lead satisfying and hopeful lives in a society without any stigma around mental ill health.


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