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CF Fundraising Ltd is a new fundraising agency set up in December 2016 by director Nathaniel Humphreys. Nathaniel has been working in the face to face fundraising industry for 5 years and in this time he has worked for three different agencies including Charity Link the market leader. 

In the past five years he has enjoyed a very successful career and gained a good knowledge of the sector and has always taken a quality not quantity approach in his own fundraising. Nathaniel has become increasingly disappointed with the way a few agencies have become very sales minded in their approach to fundraising opting to employ sales people, with sales tactics when approaching potential donors. Nathaniel has a strong belief that there is a place out there in the industry, where a fundraiser can be a fundraiser, without high pressure targets, and can go out for the charity they are working for, tell an inspired story about the wonderful work the charity does and write long term, well informed committed donors. Another concern of Nathaniel's is the way that a lot of campaigns are structured to tell donors what they want not asking what a donor would like to give. It is Nathaniel's belief that by asking the donor what they would like to give will create a longer term committed donor for the charity.

That's where CF Fundraising Ltd comes in. Nathaniel wants to keep the agency small and work with local charities that do so much great work that goes unnoticed. Working on a well thought through campaign, designed for that specific charity, in the correct geographical areas. With the fundraiser's  working to well planned and thought out donor targets, that are realistic and not just plucked out of thin air to impress. Whilst maintaining no show rates of under 5% and three month attrition rates less than 10%.

The CF in CF Fundraising Ltd really does mean CHARITY FIRST!

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