About ChildHope UK

Our Vision

A world in which all children enjoy a life free from injustice and abuse

Our Mission

To build the strengths that exist in children, families, institutions and local communities so that children can thrive and grow up to become empowered citizens

Our Values

Working with partner organisations, we build on local strengths and capabilities to address the failures and gaps in existing protection. We aim to be trustworthy and transparent, accountable to children, our partners, our supporters and our donors


Every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood, but for many these rights are denied. Born into extreme poverty and violence, they have no-one to protect them. ChildHope believes that no child should face these challenges alone.  

We believe every child has potential and that there is hope in even the most desperate situation. There are strengths within children, their families, friendships and communities. Policies and systems can be changed, to protect children and enable them to thrive.

Every child is different and each will find a unique path towards a better future. By strengthening the net of support around the child we aim to ensure that no child makes this journey alone. 

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