About chit-chat

Why we exist.

69% of adults in Britain said they felt happier and more relieved after having a conversation with somebody. (YouGov)

Over 9 million people in the UK across all adult ages are either 'always' or 'often' lonely. (The Co-op and the British Red Cross - 2019)

chit-chat provides a platform for people to have a conversation and interact with others.

At chit-chat, there is a conversation for everyone. Labels don’t define you. Regardless of your gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, background or interests, we’re here to have a proper chit-chat.

We aim to keep the nation connected, emphasising the importance of community and belonging. Everyone is welcome. Everyone’s voice should be heard.

We are the go-to place for a chat and are proactive in tackling loneliness, isolation and promoting positive mental wellbeing.

Who we are.

chit-chat is a new and disruptive non-profit organisation born during a global pandemic. We are providing a casual, inclusive and non-judgmental space for anyone to communicate about anything, whilst tackling loneliness and social isolation head-on.

Our chit-chat LINE, open 9am until 9pm daily, is an anonymous phone line for anyone who fancies a casual chat with one of our amazing volunteers. Whatever the topic, there’s a conversation for everyone. Any conversation is welcome, from the weather, favourite movies or music, to sport, culture and food. We’d love people to grab a brew and give us a call.

We are here to fill a gap in need in the UK, providing people with a place for meaningful conversations, human connections and interactions. 

Our mission = To connect the nation through conversation.

Our vision = To create a world where everyone has someone to chat to.

Our Aims.

  1. To ensure everyone can chat, finding a conversation that suits them
  2. To develop meaningful connections, bringing people together and reinforcing community spirit
  3. To tackle loneliness and isolation head-on, promoting positive psychological, emotional and digital wellbeing
  4. To leverage the power of volunteers

Impact so far.

What a journey chit-chat has had so far! In our first 10 weeks:

  • 110,000 people reached through our social media
  • 315+ unique calls
  • 35 phone volunteers recruited and trained
  • Created a Youth Advisory Board with 14 young people
  • Launched a virtual internship programme for university students and recent graduates, providing over 40 opportunities

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