About Citizens Online

About Citizens Online

Citizens Online is a UK digital inclusion charity, established in 2000. Our aim is to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital world which we now live in. Living during lockdown has demonstrated to everyone how important digital skills and technology are to make our lives easier. But there are 9 million adults in the UK who can’t use the internet.

The people more likely to be digitally excluded are older, on low income, disabled or with low educational attainment. We want to bridge the digital divide and help everyone to use the internet confidently and safely.

We work with organisations to embed digital inclusion as part of digital transformation programmes. We aim to make digital inclusion provision sustainable and advocate three key elements to make this happen. 1. Evidence – we research digital exclusion risk within a locality and build a baseline for digital inclusion work. 2. Partnerships – many organisations within a local area will be providing digital inclusion support or aware that their clients and staff need support with essential digital skills. Organisations must work together to achieve greater impact. 3. Digital Champions – we know that the best way to support people with digital skills is a 1-2-1 digital champion approach. Our clients include Local Authorities, Housing Associations, CCGs, Government, Commercial Businesses and Voluntary Sector organisations.

We deliver digital inclusion projects such as Digital Brighton & Hove where we provide digital champion support to the community and operate a tablet loan scheme. We have built a digital inclusion network of over 350 organisations in the area. We operate a national freephone digital skills helpline to support people with essential digital skills and manage over 600 digital champions. We also undertake research and evaluation projects. Recent clients include The Centre for Aging Better and Public Health England.

Our key values underpin everything we do:

  • Independence - we act with honesty, integrity and fairness to earn the trust of those that we work with both internally and externally
  • Collaboration - we encourage creativity and better communication through our supportive culture which values knowledge sharing, learning and working together to achieve the best that we can
  • Innovation - we’re an innovative and forward thinking organisation with an open and collaborative culture. We embrace change, new technologies and better ways of working in everything we do, from service delivery to our internal processes
  • Quality - we empower individuals to take initiative and responsibility to achieve the best results they can within time and budget

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