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The Civil Society Alliance is a new project which will empower civil society organisations, especially marginalised voices far from Westminster, to scrutinise and influence constitutional, administrative and legal changes taking place in the UK policy landscape following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This new Alliance will bring civil society voices together from all parts of the UK and will be a key vehicle for navigating our complex and challenging post-Brexit landscape. 

Inspired by the work of the Brexit Civil Society Alliance that helped NGO's navigate the complex environment surrounding the UK's exit from the EU, this new Alliance will similarlly seek to support and assist its civil society membership as its navigates the equally complex post-Brexit environement faced by civil society organisations across the UK. It is hoped that the Alliance will act as a collaborative vehicle for civil society voices from across the UK to ensure that their voices, expertise and experiences are heard and acted upon by elected representatives and key decision makers at Westminster. 

The Alliance hopes to employ two staff members to be based in London who will assist in the establishment of this Alliance, act as its coordinators  and give voice and creation to its startegic aims. The Alliance membership will be drawn from civil society organisations from acroos the UK who will have a shared and valued role to play in shaping and developing the Alliance.   

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