About Clinks


Supporting voluntary organisations working in the criminal justice system.


Our vision is of a vibrant, independent and resilient voluntary sector that enables people to transform their lives. 


To support, represent and advocate for the voluntary sector in criminal justice, enabling them to provide the best possible opportunities for individuals and their families.


Promote the work of the voluntary sector in the criminal justice system, with a particular focus on smaller specialist organisations

Support voluntary organisations working in the criminal justice system with individuals and their families

Represent and advocate for the voluntary sector and their service users

Identify challenges and opportunities facing the voluntary sector and its service users, and work together to find and implement solutions

Clinks being effective, efficient and professional in its work and operations. Ensuring we have the systems, resources and processes to achieve maximum impact.

Our members – Voluntary organisations play a crucial role at the heart of our criminal justice system.

Using evidence – In order to improve the system we must amplify the voices of voluntary organisations working in criminal justice.

Involving service users – We are committed to supporting the effective involvement of people with lived experience of the criminal justice system to inform policy and practice.

People’s capacity to change – We believe that with the right support every individual can transform their lives.

Equality – At every opportunity we identify and tackle disadvantage, discrimination and inequality in our criminal justice system.

Inclusivity – We strive to be approachable, accessible, inclusive and collaborative

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