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About us

Who we are

At Community Arts by ZK, we use art as a driving force to bring communities together from different age ranges, walks of life and social, cultural backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on community cohesion and integration.

We design and deliver art projects, activities, and workshops that value, encourage and engage people in the community, allowing them to express themselves more effectively and communicate their ideas in a creative way. Our workshops and projects cover a broad range of techniques, and we work with creative practitioners and artists from across the world and from a variety of creative disciplines. Examples include fine art, mixed media, photography, traditional and contemporary methods, textiles, environmental artists, installation, and sculpture.

Art has always held the power to stimulate change. It can educate, inform and inspire, as well as helping people feel a sense of purpose, or that their dreams can become real. This is what Community Arts by ZK encourages and strives to achieve.

Our culture and values

Community Arts by ZK changes perceptions of art. We believe that the term ‘art’ is misunderstood, and people are afraid of it. We see art as an umbrella term for “doing”, “learning” and “wondering”; it intrigues us, gives us a sense of wonder; excitement. We want to remove the stigma attached to art and encourage creative mindsets that think “what if?”.

Community Arts by ZK is invested in increasing engagement in formal education through supporting creative approaches to teaching and learning.  We provide volunteering and training opportunities and advice and support with careers.

Art teaches us to experiment, to try new things and builds confidence and resilience; whether we fail or succeed. We encourage people to see failure as a positive thing, as a starting point. Art builds empathy and compassion, it allows people to see the world through the eyes of their neighbour, it breaks down barriers and connects people across cultures, time and place. Art is powerful; it enhances and enriches life for everyone, once they realise that anyone can create. We want to reverse power dynamic and take away the stigma attached to art, and the artists role within society. We don’t only empower the community, we empower artists.

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

We want everyone to feel valued, represented, recognised, and heard, regardless of age, race, gender, identity, or ability. We want to provide hope and opportunity and recognise and celebrate individual talent at all levels. We empower people through art, culture and education and help communities to thrive and excel. We value and encourage creativity and freedom of expression, and strive to create a positive, inclusive, and kind society.


Free tea and coffee

Free tea and coffee

Employee discounts

Employee discounts

Training opportunities

Training opportunities


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