Community Council of Shropshire

Living in a rural area is an aspiration for many but it can also be tough, and nowhere more so than Shropshire. Basic services such as schools, shops and doctors surgeries are limited and declining, and lack of public transport makes accessing those which exist difficult for many people. For over 50 years the Community Council has been working with local people to create and develop solutions to these problems and in particular to ensure that vulnerable people are not disadvantaged by living in a rural county. The Community Council of Shropshire is a well established charity with a long and varied history of supporting people in Shropshire’s communities. Our approach is one of building capacity of individuals so that they can be the change in their community whether in their family, or as part of a group, or as a member of their wider community. Our projects and services have adapted over the years as needs have changed, but remain part of this cycle. Working closely with communities we gather information and intelligence about the community as a whole. Through our strategic work we seek to influence the framework which will enable change to take place by drawing the attention of key policy makers to local needs and issues.

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