About Concordia

Concordia is a charity based in Brighton. Our mission is to support people to develop skills and gain experiences so that they can thrive. We run programmes that change lives and nurture global citizens who care about each other, their local communities and the world.

We are part of a global community – we work with partners and people from all over the world. All our projects are impactful - whether they are just up the road from us or on the other side of the world. We do this by working with local communities delivering programmes that respond to local needs.

Concordia was founded in 1943 to recruit volunteer labour to encourage peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the Second World War. Since then, Concordia has supported around three-quarters of a million people to undertake incredible programmes that support local communities all over the world.

Our work as a charity supplies five core services: CYA (Concordia Youth Action), International Volunteering, NCS (National Citizens Service), Seasonal Workers Programme and our Wellbeing Programme. Although all our programmes vary, they are all motivated by our desire to make the world a better place. 

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