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The Considering Disability Journal is an academic journal run entirely by volunteers. We work to promote entry level academia in disability studies, so that we can promote equality, diversity and disability. We challenge disability discrimination through sharing knowledge and educating people about what disability means. Our work brings high quality knowledge about disability to the public, private and third sector. 

Our flagship publication is Considering Disability Journal, where we aim to bring more knowledge about disability by collecting new global academia and promoting it. We'll be offering volunteer roles around social media, design, corporate relations and connecting with people, fundraising and co-ordination. We use the journal to foster understanding and education about disability, the events, and attitudes that shape today’s world. Students, graduates, campaigners and stakeholders – these are the people with real knowledge from active work and our journal is of interest to those concerned with modern disability issues.

We're a global venture with our volunteers and submissions coming from all over the world. Our organising team are the ones who make this community happen. 

Our volunteer roles are great opportunities to connect with disability activists, stakeholders, academics and more, and a unique opportunity to be part of a strong print publication that has global support.

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