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Cord’s vision is of a world where all people live in the fullness of peace; having the freedom to flourish and live free from fear. Our Mission is to transform dysfunctional relationships between individuals and communities and those holding power into positive and thriving relationships built on mutual dependency and trust.

When relationships break down between people and those holding power then people’s rights are ignored, the likelihood of conflict increases and poverty is prolonged. That’s why Cord promotes the power of peaceful relationships. The power to transform mistrust into trust; to include the excluded; to replace fear with confidence; to transform adversaries into allies.

For over fifty years we have been committed to healthy, thriving, collaborative relationships. Support us as we develop and equip local organisations and those in authority to come together, resolve differences, and lay down the foundations for a world where everyone can live in the fullness of peace, having the freedom to flourish and live free from fear.

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