About CPRE London

CPRE London is a leading environmental charity in the capital.  We campaign for London to be a green, sustainable, and vibrant world city.  We are part of the CPRE network comprising a national charity and 42 local branches, including CPRE London, which campaigns for a beautiful and thriving countryside that is valued, enjoyed and accessible to everyone.

CPRE London has a strong reputation for providing evidence-based passionate campaigns which make a difference. In doing this we draw on our core strengths:

  • We are recognised as London’s leading environment charity in protecting green spaces and promoting better use of land to reduce building pressure on greenfield sites
  • We are respected by GLA, London Borough and other policy makers and politicians as an authoritative voice in the planning and development of London
  • We are trusted by a network of more than 100 community groups to provide critical advice to support their local campaigns
  • We are backed by a powerful national organisation that amplifies our voice, enhances our resources, and increases our impact
  • We have over 2,000 members and supporters from across London who back our work

The last two years of a global pandemic have demonstrated the importance of our work.  London’s green spaces and neighbourhoods have never been more valued or more important. 

Our work is guided by the following vision and mission: 

Vision - Ensure London develops as a green, sustainable and vibrant world city

Mission - Promote better use of land and other natural resources in London to enhance the environment and quality of life

Our work is supported by member subscriptions, donations, grants and legacies.  We are looking to grow and extend our financial support so we can expand our role and impact.  Collaboration and partnership are central to the way we work and we have a growing reputation for co-ordinating and bringing together the range of charities and voluntary organisations concerned with London’s environment.  Our work is evidence based and supported by research and strong communications.  We work closely with CPRE nationally and with local CPRE’s around London to extend our impact and to protect and celebrate the countryside around the capital.

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