About Creekside Education Trust

Creekside Education Trust (CET) runs the Creekside Discovery Centre on Deptford Creek. The Centre provides an exciting range of outdoor activities for all ages that include “discovery” walks on the mud banks where the Ravensbourne River meets the Thames. 

The Centre delivers educational sessions (science, geography, history) for thousands of local children. Families, community groups, and adults participate in facilitated recreational activities. 

CET also has a wider remit to map, study and protect the area’s remarkable bio-diversity and provides local expert ecological advice to developers and councils. 

The charity’s aims are to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in the Deptford Creek and the River Thames area and to advance public education in environment matters. In the interests of social welfare, to promote sustainable facilities and use of Deptford Creek, the River Thames and the local environment for recreation and leisure time occupation for the benefit of everyone living, working or visiting the area. 

Activities and participants in 2015/16
School Education – 162 sessions, 5,253 participants 
Adult Low Tide Walks – 29 sessions, 667 participants
Families & Children – 21 sessions, 596 participants 
Youth Groups – 17 sessions, 342 participants
Public Events – 6 sessions, 174 participants
Volunteering – 95 sessions, 306 participants 

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  • Exploring Deptford Creek
  • Low tide adventure
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