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CWR is an international publishing and training organisation which seeks to enable people to apply God's word to everyday life and relationships. In addition to the variety of courses we offer, we produce a wide range of high-quality resources including daily bible-reading notes, books, ebooks and DVDs. We are based at Waverley Abbey House near Farnham in Surrey which is an attractive venue for conferences and events. In 2012 we purchased Pilgrim Hall as a second venue. Our Training programmes range from half-day seminars to degree courses, taught by a team of highly-qualified and experienced staff. Off-site training is available regionally in churches and other venues, although most of our training courses are held at either Waverley Abbey House or Pilgrim Hall.

Over the last twenty years, CWR has developed in-depth courses in the area of counselling, where it has gained a particular expertise. Waverley Abbey College was established at the beginning of 2014 with a purpose to continue the work of Waverley Training and further develop the vision to integrate Christian faith into the practice of learning in a higher education environment.

Our vision is to draw all God's people into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him.

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