About Daughters of Charity Services

Daughters of Charity Services operates as a family of charities across Britain, providing a diverse range of services to various communities in need of support, from working with Roma women and families in Glasgow, to providing homecare to elderly people living alone in Westminster. Each organisation is independently run, but forms a part of the Daughters of Charity Services family through their shared commitment to our Vincentian Values, and a commitment to collaborate in order to best serve those experiencing poverty, exclusion or isolation.

Our Mission

Our family of Vincentian charities stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable people in our society, responding practically to present and emerging poverties and working to challenge structural injustice.

Our Vision

To live in a just society where the most vulnerable people are served with dignity, love and justice in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul.

Our Values

We work with and serve people of all faiths and none, drawing inspiration from our Christian roots and our Vincentian heritage. Our Vision and Mission are reflected in five core values, which are the driving force of all works within Daughters of Charity Services:

1. Serving people who are experiencing the effects of poverty        

2. Respecting each person’s dignity

3. Being compassionate and kind

4. Enabling choice and change

5. Acting in solidarity for justice

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