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Delight empowers young children to overcome socio-economic barriers to education through the arts.

Education is one of the best ways to break the generational cycle of poverty that affects too many families in the UK, especially those living in areas of socio-economic deprivation and disadvantage.  But poverty creates its own barriers to education – poverty of opportunity, low parental engagement, lack of aspiration and engagement in learning – that creates a vicious circle.  Evidence shows the gap starts early – by the end of primary school, disadvantaged pupils are on average 11 months behind their peers.

Delight exists to empower children to become their own agents for change, to enable them to overcome such socio-economic barriers to education.  We cannot take away the poverty that affects them – but we can inspire and build the confidence, skills, interests and aspirations that will enable them to engage with education, raise their expectations, and strengthen their voice – helping them build sound foundations for a brighter future.

Our immerse arts-based programmes are designed to build a bridge into education. They excite, enthuse and engage – whilst being carefully founded on targeted and evidenced learning and life skills outcomes.  Our programmes inspire and support not only the children at their heart, but the adults who surround them: involving parents and carers as the children’s audiences, so that they can share in and celebrate their creative achievements.

Delight looks to be an accessible and adaptable employer and operates a flexi working policy, which suits a range of employment needs.

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