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Doorstep Library Network (DLN) develops and runs home reading Doorstep Library (DL) projects on disadvantaged housing estates in London; founded in October 2010 it became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in October 2014 (CIO number 1158197).  The charity has grown from an idea developed by passionate and committed volunteers to a professionally run, vibrant organization which currently runs 13 projects across Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster and Lambeth.


· children express an increased interest in reading for pleasure;

· parents are better able to contribute to the development of their children’s language and literacy skills;

· families have increased knowledge of local supportive services;

· “In need” families are less isolated due to regular weekly interaction with volunteers.

We aim to achieve two goals:

· Support the acquisition of good reading skills by children from low-income families, including the most disadvantaged ones, through the enjoyment of reading for pleasure;

· Raise the aspirations of children and parents as they realise that learning can be enjoyable.

Our volunteers work to instill a love of reading in children up to 11 years old, to encourage them to read widely and for pleasure before they move to secondary school; the children we support are at risk of underachievement as a direct result of living in areas of high deprivation, in families often at the margins of society due to economic, educational and social problems. We rely on volunteers who believe that a high level of literacy and a love of reading are vital to children’s overall development.

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