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About us

Who we are

About Ealing and Hounslow CVS

Ealing and Hounslow Community Voluntary Service is a registered local charity that has been supporting voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups in Ealing for over 30 years and Hounslow groups since 2012.  

In this rapidly changing world where our sector continues to face many challenges and take on new opportunities, it is highly appropriate that Ealing CVS has undertaken a process of reviewing and planning for the next three years. Consulting with our stakeholders has been a refreshing process, and has provided us with an opportunity to study how well we delivered our core themes from our latest Business Plan – developing, connecting, representing and innovating with the third sector in Ealing and Hounslow - and to establish new and more relevant themes of work for future delivery.

Ealing CVS is a second-tier organisation that works with local charities and voluntary organisations in Ealing and Hounslow. The overall aim is to provide a professional and effective service to local voluntary organisations through assistance and through forming consortia and bidding for major tranches of funding aimed at improving the lives of the local communities.

We are currently a team of 10 with a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets.

Our Aims and Values

EHCVS’s aim is to deliver an improved quality of life for the less advantaged  people in Ealing, Hounslow and surrounding areas.  We do this through:

·Assisting local charities and volunteer organisations to operate more effectively.

·Working with partners in undertaking projects.

·Undertaking projects directly.

Our promises to our funders are to:

·Work to achieve the agreed deliverables within the proposed timescales and costs;

·Where problems or concerns may arise to advise the funder at the earliest practical time and to work with them to obtain a mutually  satisfactory resolution;

·Where we are working directly with local people to ensure that we obtain adequate feedback on their satisfaction with the service we are offering.

Our promises to our staff are to:

·Help them to work together in a constructive manner to achieve our agreed deliverables;

·Ensure that their progress on projects can be tracked and assistance provided  at the earliest opportunity to overcome any problems and concerns that may arise.

·Develop their skills and opportunities to take on different types of work.

Overall it is the aim of EHCVS to be the most efficient and effective provider of these community services in London

Our Strategic Objectives 

Ealing and Hounslow CVS has big plans and to achieve these we recognise that we may need to make changes and consider new ways of working. A core principle of our work has been, and continues to be, partnerships. We want to work with people, organisations and businesses that want to build, inspire, develop and enable our communities and volunteers to make a difference locally.

We expect to work with partners across statutory, private and third sectors and want to build the engagement and involvement that is key to our success. We want to work collectively and to challenge the current ways of working and develop novel solutions to address emerging needs. An important part of the culture at Ealing CVS is listening and we will continue to conduct surveys, host forums, facilitate cross-networking and develop local mechanisms to enable this and to facilitate the sharing of services and information.

Our culture and values

Our Commitment to Funders:​​

- Deliver agreed outcomes within proposed timescales and budget. ​​

- Proactively address and resolve any issues that arise in collaboration with funders. ​​

- Ensure comprehensive feedback from local beneficiaries to improve our services continuously. ​​​


Our Commitment to Staff:​​

- Foster a collaborative working environment to achieve our agreed deliverables. ​​

- Provide timely assistance and track progress to overcome any problems and concerns. ​​

- Develop staff skills and opportunities for diverse work experiences. ​

Overall, EHCVS aims to be the most efficient and effective provider of community services in London. ​


Remote/hybrid work

Remote/hybrid work

Remote and hybrid working is offered with flexibility on number of days in the office.



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