Eastside Community Heritage

Eastside Community Heritage promotes a new heritage for new times.  We collect record and give voice to those whose lives have too often been neglected, and do so through a media which stresses public participation and accessibility.

We believe in capturing, recording and preserving heritage through oral histories, photographs, memorabilia, video, personal documents, written material, drama, humour, music, e-mails, text messages and any other media which captures the moment or sheds light on an experience. We respect and use traditional historical methodology but we do believe there many ways to tell a story or interpret an experience.


Eastside was established in 1993 as a charity, company limited by guarantee. Over the past 16 years the organisation has worked on and delivered over a hundred projects by working with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds, faiths and ethnic origins. We have staged over 60 exhibitions, published 16 books and booklets, and produced 20 videos/DVDs and many CDs. For our East London Peoples Archive we have collected, preserved and made accessible to all 1400 oral histories and hundreds of photographs. We have trained, literally hundreds of people, mainly young people, in journalism, photographs and oral history collection, digital manipulation, digitisation skills and office administration, exhibition design, web design and general multimedia skills such as video editing. 

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