About Economic Change Unit

The Economic Change Unit is a non-profit organisation that supports the efforts of those seeking to build more resilient, just and sustainable economies.

For over a decade, the world has been experiencing a range of inter-related crises. Financial instability, widening inequalities and climate and environmental breakdown have now been brought into sharper focus by the global coronavirus pandemic. In response, there is a growing consensus among a broad range of people – including policymakers, business and civil society leaders, academics, campaigners and commentators – that fundamental changes are needed to our economic model.

We create resources to promote understanding of the ideas, policies and practices on which more resilient, just and sustainable economies can be founded. We explore opportunities for economic change and how to overcome the barriers to achieving it. And we help connect people and organisations from a variety of sectors who are interested and involved in seeking change.

Our values apply throughout our ways of working, office culture, and individual behaviour:

Justice: We believe in social, economic and environmental justice. We work to rectify historical injustices nationally and internationally, as well as to mitigate injustices yet to come. Essential to our conception of justice is a commitment to sustainability. 

Inclusivity and generosity: We provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or disability. We believe this is crucial to ensuring the legitimacy and effectiveness of our work. We recognise that people face systemic oppression based on these characteristics and therefore we have a responsibility to centre anti-oppression in our work.

Collaboration: We don’t have all the answers, and through working with others there is more chance of making change. We stand in solidarity with the new economy movement and those who support its ideas. 

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