About Economy

Economy is a campaign for “understandable economics”. We aim to change the way that economics is perceived and discussed in media, politics, and public life so as to make it accessible to everyone.

Our new website is the place for us to ‘be the change we want to see’, providing accessible, jargon-free content on current affairs in Engage, an online resource on the economics of daily life in Learn, and materials to engage local communities offline in Act. We hope to use this platform as a space to engage both economic institutions and the general public in conversation on what economics means, and what the economy could be.

Economy takes an inclusive, accessible, and engaging approach to the conversation around the economy: we strive to create an environment within the organisation which reflects these values. We actively encourage collaborative working, and seek to provide as many opportunities as possible for our team members to support, learn from, and engage with each other’s work to create a culture of horizontal learning and personal development.

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