About Education and Employers Charity

Our mission is to provide young people with the inspiration and motivation they need to achieve their potential, and so secure the UK’s future prosperity. It does this through ensuring every school and college has an effective partnership with employers.

The charity works to achieve this by working in close partnership with leading national bodies representing schools, colleges and employers as well as government and the third sector.

We are a national organisation and we use pioneering technology and programmes to connect schools and colleges with volunteers from the world of work meaning our services are quick, free and easy to use.

Through our pioneering in-school programmes we:

• Help inspire young people by giving them the opportunity to meet people doing a range of exciting careers to discuss why they love what they do and what educational route they took to achieve it

• Challenge gender stereotyping and show that traditionally ‘male’ or ‘female’ careers are possible for everyone.

• Help schools or colleges find governors and improve governance – proven to help them achieve higher academic performance.

• Show how apprenticeships can be an alternative to the traditional educational route.

• Undertake research to provide the most recent evidence that supports what we do and informs policy-making.

• Help employers embed volunteering within their companies – promoting staff motivation and social responsibility.

• Give individuals wishing to volunteer the opportunity to give something back to their local communities by sharing with young people their enthusiasm and knowledge of their chosen career, or by using their skills to improve school governance.

And we are always developing new programmes to improve young people’s learning experiences.

So, whether you are a school or college wanting to connect with volunteers, an individual wanting to volunteer with young people, or a organisation wanting to introduce volunteering to your staff, it’s really quick and easy to do through our online matchmaking platform. The film below shows you how it works.

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