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Education systems the world over are failing to give disadvantaged children the learning opportunities and outcomes they need to succeed in life. Ark, a nonprofit network of publically-funded academy schools in the UK, was launched in 2006 to address this challenge by transforming failing public schools into successful, government-funded academy schools serving disadvantaged children across the country.

Ark’s Education Partnerships Group (EPG) is an international not-for-profit consultancy that partners with governments to help them shape and strengthen their education systems. EPG has supported governments around the world to design, develop and implement education system reform projects, spanning the areas of school accountability, public and private sector partnerships and support to school networks.

EPG believes that every child has the right to a high-quality education, wherever they go to school. This means it’s important to think about the non-state sector as well as government-run schools – since non-state sector schools represent a significant and growing proportion of education systems, particularly in low- or middle-income countries.

EPG has active portfolio of engagements in South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia and is growing a pipeline of opportunities in other countries in Africa and Asia.

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