About Element Society

Who we are:

Element Society empowers young people to make a difference in their lives and communities. We do this by:  

  • Developing skills and capabilities,
  • Facilitating social action and social connectivity,
  • Providing support and space,
  • Encouraging young people to use their voice for change,
  • Raising a positive profile of young people, and
  • Working collaboratively with partners

Element Society will always be inclusive

We do this because:

  • Young people aren’t engaged with their communities as they are underprepared and under-represented,
  • Young people lack the confidence and support needed to create meaningful social actions with impact and legacy,
  • Young people have limited mental health and well-being support,
  • Young people are compartmentalised (lack of cohesion / mixing),
  • Young people are not understood or believed in, and
  • Negative assumptions are made about young people

What we do

We have grown considerably from working with 12 young people on our first programme. We are proud that over 2000 participants have taken part in our programmes as of January 2019.

We also run specialised programmes to help young people with special educational needs and disabilities to take up opportunities they normally miss.

We support the young people of Sheffield to carry on helping the city tackle problems through social action projects.  These young people are tackling big issues, such as:

  • raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • making a support network for young people with mental health issues
  • reducing knife crime

We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and wherever possible we will design or redesign our programmes to ensure they meet the capability of the participant to ensure that they reach their full potential. Element has an underpinning principle “Element Society will always be inclusive”.

We believe that all of these activities ensure diversity and availability to all and our statistics back that up.  

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