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Our Vision: A world in which everyone has a home and a sense of belonging

Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference. We don't just give people a bed for the night:we offer a home, meaningful work and a sense of belonging.

Emmaus is different because we offer a home for as long as someone needs it, in an Emmaus Community. This gives people the opportunity to take stock of their lives, deal with any issues they might have, and often re establish relationships with loved ones. 

"Companion" is the name given to those who live in an Emmaus community and work in the social enterprises, where they support themselves and one another. There are currently 750 companions living at 29 Emmaus Communitites across the UK

Emmaus not only has a significant impact on the lives of people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion, it also brings wider social and economic benefits. Research carried out in 2012 found that for every pound invested in an established Emmaus Community, £11 is generated in social, environmental and economic returns.

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