About EqualiTeach

EqualiTeach is a not-for-profit equality and diversity training and consultancy organisation established in 2013. EqualiTeach works with education settings across England to support them to promote equality and tackle discrimination, creating settings where everybody feels safe and able to achieve.

Vision: An equal, inclusive and productive society where everyone is valued and able to achieve their full potential

Mission: We provide high quality and dynamic services, tailored to each organisation’s needs, and provide advice and guidance on issues of equality and diversity, creating positive working environments for all.

Organisational Aims:

1. To equip education settings with the skills and knowledge to embed equality and inclusion throughout their practice

2. To enable education settings to recognise and respond effectively to incidents of discrimination and harassment

3. To provide guidance and support on policy development, enabling education settings to fulfil their requirements under equality law

4. To work with young people to explore equality issues and develop critical thinking skills

5. To produce resources to support education settings to promote equality and tackle discrimination

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