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Equality in Tourism is seeking a volunteer who can help us achieve our potential. We are a micro charity, promoting and enabling gender equality and women’s empowerment in the global tourism industry. Our message is simple but critical. Tourism is a very big business globally - but equality for women is seriously lagging behind. We are looking for someone who can commit around 2-5 hours a week to develop and manage our marketing and communications efforts. You should know how to post engaging and shareable content on social media platforms (Twitter, LI and Facebook), have working knowledge of WordPress (including how to post, add media, etc. CSS skills are a huge plus), and strong copy-writing skills. Ideally, your experience of WordPress allows you to make changes to the navigational structure of a website, create new pages and functionalities and have some basic HTML and CSS skills.

We are a group of seven women, and Sarah, our comms person has a new full-time job and isn't able now to manage our web and marketing.This is an important role and you will be invited to take an active role in our strategy discussions. Not one of us gets an income from Equality in Tourism - but we live in hope! We are all very experienced in the sustainable tourism field, but know that tourism will never be sustainable until there is gender equality. Three of us are based in London and the others elsewhere and so we meet on skype, except for our annual two day strategy meeting. All expenses are covered.

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