About Family Holiday Charity

We help families get time away together, often for the first time ever.

We're here for children living near the coast, who've never seen the sea. For teenagers who can't remember when they last saw mum smile. For parents having to choose between a day out and a new pair of school shoes. For young carers, and families facing illness, isolation, or bereavement.

Holidays open up new possibilities. There’s time to reconnect, to try new things, and to make happy memories together. Time for running, playing, climbing trees and flying kites, time for picnics and bare feet. There’s time enough to share a laugh and watch the tide come in - for buckets and spades and sandy sandwiches.

Once we find out what each family needs, we take care of all the details. That way families can take care of the most important thing - each other.

"After over 12 months of falling apart, it's brought us closer together again"

 "It's given us some happy memories to replace the sad ones"

“Knowing what’s out there has changed our future - we’ve got much bigger dreams than the park across the road now!”

Families choose the holiday they need. It could be a caravan on the coast, a woodland adventure, or a day out at a theme park, museum or gallery. And whatever the weather, if it means time spent together, even a day’s holiday helps build relationships, confidence, and hope for the future.

Family Holiday Charity

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