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FARA Foundation was started 30 years ago by Jane Nicholson, driven by the sight of the appalling images of neglected and starving children in Romania’s state institutions, in the wake of the fall of Ceausescu in Romania.

In the thirty years since its foundation, FARA has cared for over 10,000 beneficiaries in Romania, transforming lives and giving hope of a better future to children and families living in severe disadvantage.

FARA has 41 vibrant charity shops in the heart of 27 London communities.

Our shops are run by an amazing team of people who select good quality items that suit every taste and every pocket thanks to our supporters' generous donations.

For over 30 years, we are creating employment in the UK Job Market and looking to form partnerships with other Charities to help local communities in London. Our Charity Shops profits are invested in the prevention of homelessness, supporting adults with learning disabilities, caring for vulnerable children, providing specialised treatment for children with disabilities, providing community-based education and social support programmes for disadvantaged families in Romania.

FARA goes far beyond being just a care provider, family and friendships are at the heart of what we do. We try to create a true sense of belonging. Our mission is to build communities and families and to love and serve them. Our work is life-changing for many families living in abject poverty.

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