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Fight for Peace (FFP) is a global youth development NGO that delivers a public health-based approach to reduce youth violence.

FFP was established in the Complexo da Mare favela in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 in response to the arming and employment of young people by drug trafficking factions. It was replicated in London in 2007 in response to rising youth gang violence in the UK. FFP’s methodology has been consolidated over 18 years of delivery experience, and today is a comprehensive youth crime and violence reduction approach, working at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. We engage and support young people through boxing & martial arts, education, employability support, psycho-social support, and youth leadership (the FFP Five Pillars). Today, the FFP Academies in Rio and London working directly with over 3,000 young people annually.

In 2011 Fight for Peace launched the Global Alliance Programme to share methodology with other organisations in communities affected by crime and violence. Over 150 organisations from 25 countries have been trained and supported through GAP, collectively reaching 240,000 young people. Those organisations now make up the FFP Global Alliance, a community of practice that FFP facilitates to strengthen and scale youth violence prevention programming.

In 2015, FFP launched Safer Communities to establish a place-based, multi-agency approach to delivering the FFP’s holistic youth violence prevention methodology. Safer Communities uses collective impact to integrate multiple services in urban violence hotspots to ensure young people can access the range of support input they need, in contexts where capacity and resources are scarce. Safer Communities is being piloted in Kingston and Cape Town. 

Today, FFP uses the two Academy sites to design and test approaches to youth violence prevention. Approaches that are effective are then codified and scaled via Global Alliance partners and Safer Community sites.

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