About First Give

Our goal:

We exist to support young people to make a positive difference to the causes they care about. 

Our vision is to help build a new generation of motivated and switched-on young people who want to use their skills to support local charities and make the lives of others in and around their communities better.

Why we do it

Young people. We believe in young people. Their passion, creativity and determination are all positive qualities that can be harnessed for social change.​ We work to:

  1. Ignite a spark of social conscience in young people
  2. Develop key professional skills in young people such as: teamwork; research; public speaking and leadership
  3. Build a culture of giving in future generations
  4. Grow the commitment of charities to engage with young people for the good of the sector as a whole

What we do

The First Give Programme is delivered through a fully resourced scheme of work that is interactive and student-led.

Over eight lessons, the Programme encourages an entire year group of students to identify social issues in their area and engage with local charities that address them. The students will then have the opportunity to compete for £1,000 of grant money. Teams will do this by advocating for their charity in a school competition.

The scheme of work promotes many aspects of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education within secondary schools. It fits easily into a variety of different subject areas such as Citizenship, PSHE, RE and English.

£1,000 grant money for each school
First Give provides all the lesson plans and resources including PowerPoints, hard copy Student Coursebooks as well as £1,000 grant money for each school to award to the charity of the winning class. In addition to this, First Give will also deliver an Assembly, Presentation Skills Workshop and host the School Final in order to further engage and inspire students.

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