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Who we are and what we do

Future-Fit Foundation is a registered charity founded in July 2013 and based in London, UK. Our vision is a future in which everyone on Earth can prosper – and given the urgency and scale of today’s environmental and socioeconomic challenges, realising this vision will demand rapid and radical changes in the way our global economy works. If we are to do business differently, we must value business differently, and our mission is to create the tools that will make this possible.

Our work centres on developing the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, promoting its use, and building a partner ecosystem to accelerate its adoption. The Benchmark is a free-to-use, open source tool designed to equip business leaders and investors with the means to recognize, reward and guide breakthrough actions that create value both for companies and society as a whole.


Our core activities

We are a small team with a wide reach and a big vision. Our core activities span the following areas:

  • Analysis and research: drawing on best-in-class thinking across social and environmental issues, through our own research and relationships with topic-specific experts, and seeking to bring it all together in ways that offer clarity and guidance to companies and investors.
  • Practical tools and frameworks: developing useful and usable tools that can help companies – and those who invest in and support them – to build successful, resilient and responsible business models ready for the 21st century.
  • Business collaborations: engaging with companies to catalyze change and facilitate adoption of the Benchmark.
  • Investor engagement: engaging with investors to accelerate usage of the Benchmark to help quantify and manage systemic risks and opportunities within portfolios.
  • Partnerships: developing membership and accreditation programs and relationships to foster an ecosystem around the Benchmark, to accelerate awareness and the pursuit of future-fitness.
  • Communication: openly sharing tools and information and stimulating dialogue on the need to rethink how we value the impact of business across the socio-economic system.

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