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Our purpose: Future Frontiers exists to ensure young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfil their potential, at school and when transitioning to education, employment or training aged 16 and 18. We do this by providing the guidance, networks and opportunities they lack - through face-to-face coaching delivered by business professionals and access to sector role models.

Why we exist: At age 16 and 18 all young people will make decisions that have lifelong consequences. A positive transition into education, employment or training can set them on a path that provides great life-opportunities – and, often, a route out of poverty. However, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds miss out on the guidance, networks and opportunities readily afforded to their more privileged peers. This drives much of the inequality entrenched in our educational system.

Our programme aims to tackle this inequality by providing a tailored package of support in the lead up to key post-16 and post-18 transition points. Our programme activities include face-to-face coaching and access to inspiring sector role models - these activities develop young people’s career knowledge, navigation skills, and self-belief leading to the following three outcomes.

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