About Glitch

About Glitch

We're a UK charity committed to ending the abuse of women and marginalised people online. Through workshops, training, reports and programmes, we equip our intersectional community to become the digital citizens we need in the world today. From grassroots to systemic change, we advocate for an online world that is a safe space for all. Glitch was founded in 2017 by Seyi Akiwowo, a former politician and Digital Leader of The Year 2019.

Our Vision 

Our online space is a safe and inclusive arena for all digital citizens to participate. Our online community is as important as our offline one, which is why people, institutions and businesses need to play their part in creating a safe online world. Everyone should feel confident and equipped to engage in online and offline spaces – particularly those disproportionately affected by discrimination, including women and girls. 

Our Mission

To awaken a generation of digital citizens equipped to create and demand  safe online spaces for all.


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