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The Global Girl Project (GGP) mobilizes young women around the globe for change through social leadership and community development. Since 2013, the Global Girl Project has been working to empower, educate and motivate extremely disadvantaged girls from developing countries to realise their own agency in shaping the future of their community, while broadening the global perspectives of high school students. Our multiple programmes focus on empowering women by creating a network of a large group of girls around the world who want to and are creating societal change together. We provide opportunities for girls who would never otherwise be able to explore the world beyond their neighbourhoods because of poverty, English language requirements and family circumstances that are barriers to accessing some other international leadership programs.


GGP started with an exchange programme, that brings 15-18-year-old women together to live and immerse themselves in the language, the schools and the culture of the operating country, Nepal. To date, GGP has successfully delivered exchange programmes with scholars from Brazil, Haiti, India, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Rwanda, Cameroon and Nepal. After Global Girl scholars return home, GGP works on-site in home countries, through each girl’s local community organizations, to support girls in implementing and sustaining their initiatives. Global Girl Project also supports each of our scholars in continuing their schooling through the administering of educational grants for each of our graduates.


Our latest programme the Blended Learning Leadership Iniative is a three month facilitated programme which is delivered to cohorts of girls by a trained local facilitator. We have designed our new initiative as a direct response to our desire to be able to provde the unique and powerful experience we have seen with our exhchange programme to as many girls as possible. To date, this programme is currently running in Haiti, Nigeria, Jordan, South Africa and Afghanistan. 

GGP is different. Because GGP understands that true change grows from within communities themselves, we partner with respected local organizations in each partner country to select emerging leaders who have the promise and passion to transform their neighbourhoods. We work equally with our partners to strengthen globally communities and highly-value the strengths and opportunities they bring to our organisation. Global Girl’s partner organizations match GGP’s investment of time and responsibility to nurture and support scholars as they implement their projects.

Moving forward, our goals for the upcoming year is to expand our programs into new countries and contexts having a greater impact in supporting girls globally. We plan to introduce a mentorship programme to allow girls to have access to more support structures to continue to develop their leadership skills. As a growing organisation, we are looking to professionalise by securing government funding and partner with a corporate sponsor that can assist with the growth of our reach, with the ultimate goal of hiring permanent members to our core staff. A key focus of ours is also to create an alumni support system that would help establish GGP with a larger network of supporters. If you feel that you could assist in helping us to achieve our goals then we would love to hear from you.


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