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Godly Play is a Christian movement centred on childhood spirituality, providing training to transform thinking and practice for the whole of life. Our vision is for childhood spirtuality to be taken seriously.Godly Play begins with children’s innate sense of the presence of God.  It offers Christian language as a support for their ongoing spiritual formation. It teaches a process that aims to promote an inner working model for life-long Christian learning.

It has taken root in more than a dozen denominations and blossomed in churches, schools, holiday clubs, prisons and hospitals. It is now a worldwide movement, present in every continent. In hte UK, hundred of people have completed the accredited three-day training courses and many more have been inspired by shorter introductions. Since the pandemic Godly Play UK has also offered online training. Countless children have benefitted from the space and time to come closer to themselves and to God through story, play and creativity. Teachers have been inspired to teach differently and parents to parents more perceptively.

Godly Play has grown out of 40 years of study and research into childhood spirituality and theology, and has its roots in the Montessori method which focusses on children's natural interests and activities rather than formal teaching methods.

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