About Hatch Enterprise

Our goal is to help people build businesses out of the things that they love and the things that they care about most. By supporting diverse founders into business, we want to create a movement that has a positive impact on the needs of our local community and beyond.

We created Hatch out of the things we love: helping other people succeed. If that’s something that you love too, come and join us!

Our values

  • Friendly – we are approachable and want to help
  • Inspiring & Innovative – we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and to improve others
  • Community & Togetherness – we believe the best way to support a business into sustainability is through a strong, holistic community
  • Bold & Exiting – we want to stand out, and be a place to look forward to engaging with
  • Knowledge & Learning – we are always learning and teaching
  • Entrepreneurial – we ourselves are a social enterprise, we are creative and ambitious
  • Growth – we want to grow, and support the growth of others
  • Impactful – we want to make the biggest positive impact in the community

0 jobs with Hatch Enterprise

  • BAME Focus Group
  • Demo Day
  • Fearless Female Founders Lanch
  • Pitch Day 2017
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