About Healthy Teen Minds

We are a small organisation with big ambitions to change the future for children and young people.  We believe the role young people can play in transforming the mental health ‘system’ is significantly undervalued and so we are working to challenge the status quo and enable young people-powered change.

About Healthy Teen Minds

Healthy Teen Minds was started in 2013 by our Director Robin Barker who wanted to find a way to enable changes in education and policy for children and young people’s mental health utilising co-production; the co-design and co-delivery of a project or service. Originally an organisation of one, Healthy Teen Mind’s is now a limited company with a small team working together to create a world in which young people’s voices have influence on the decisions, issues and systems that impact their lives.

About We Can Talk

As a Registered Nurse in Mental Health working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Robin spent a lot of his clinical career in acute (physical health) hospitals seeing children and young people in a mental health crisis or following self-harm or overdose. He found his acute colleagues lacked the confidence to support children and young people experiencing mental health crisis, even though they were incredibly skilled in managing other patients, and would employ the same (or better!) techniques in engaging with them. Reviewing the existing research and talking with young people he encountered as well as hospital staff, he realised everyone was having a terrible experience and began looking for funding to develop what would become We Can Talk

We Can Talk is a project using engagement and education to increase the skills and confidence of acute hospital staff in understanding and supporting children and young people’s mental health. We currently support more than 50 hospital sites to deliver face-to-face training to equip hospital staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide high quality care to children and young people presenting to hospital in a mental health crisis. We have also recently launched an online module that is available for free to all hospital workers in the UK.

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