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The Helen Bamber Foundation (HBF) is a pioneering Human Rights charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers who are survivors of trafficking and torture. The people we work with have been subjected to atrocities including state-sponsored torture, human trafficking, religious and political persecution, forced labour, sexual exploitation, and gender-based and ‘honour-based’ violence. Recognising the complexity of each client’s suffering and needs, HBF offers specialist services within a Model of Integrated Care encompassing: therapy; medical advice; legal protection; counter-trafficking support; housing & welfare advice; and community and integration. 

HBF exists to ensure that all survivors of trafficking and torture are free and healthy (both physically and mentally), are safe, are protected from re-victimisation, detention and poverty, and have the ability and agency to integrate in and contribute to the communities around them. HBF also uses its unique expertise to drive change and improve practice and policy for all survivors. 

In 2020, HBF adopted a group structure: the HBF Group is dynamic, innovative and responsive to the changing and often urgent needs of our client population. Asylum Aid has been the first affiliate to join the HBF Group, delivering expert legal services to our client population, who are routinely denied access to high quality legal support. Asylum Aid are a thought leader in the sector and use their casework to seek strategic legal challenges and Judicial Review, and to seek policy changes within the UK asylum system.

We are innovative, ambitious and compassionate. The bravery and resilience of our clients is an inspiration to everyone in the Helen Bamber Foundation Group.

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