About Hospice in the Weald

Our Mission: We strive to ensure that the community we serve have access to: Comapssionate, Individualised, Holistic and Supportive care for all patients with a terminal illness, their families and carers.

Hospice in the Weald provides care completely free of charge to patients with a termial illness, their famileis and carers in West Kent and East Sussex. This means we are there 24 hours a day to help, support and care for patients with an illness where a cure is no longer possible and for patients who will at some stage die from their illness.

It's not just at the end of life that Hospice in the Weald can help. We want to make sure that anyone affected by a terminal illness, whether a patient, a family member or carer, has the best possible quality of life from the moment of diagnosis.

We are not part of the NHS. We rely on the generous people from our community who give their money and time to help raise the £7 million we need each and every year to deliver the level of care that we do.

In Autumn 2019 we launched an innovative new serive - Cottage Hospice, based in Five Ashes, Mayfield, East Sussex.

Cottage Hospice is the first of its kind in the UK. Led by volunteers and facilitated by nursing staff, it will help us meet more unmet need in the local community by providing end of life care in a home from home environment at our purpose-built Cottage Hospice in Five Ashes.

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