About Humanimal Trust

The Humanimal Trust drives collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers so that all humans and animals benefit from sustainable, medical progress but not at one another’s expense. This is One Medicine.  Healthcare can and should advance hand in hand. A two-way street between human and veterinary medicine is both possible and necessary for humans and animals to benefit equitably from cutting edge advances.

  • We increase awareness and improve understanding of One Medicine
  • We facilitate collaboration between human and veterinary medicine
  • Through education, we inspire everyone to take the One Medicine message forward
  • We fund, facilitate and share research
  • We influence legislative, policy and practice change       

Advances in both human and animal medicine can be achieved more quickly if there is closer collaboration and mutual learning. We believe and advocate that this will lead to progressively fewer laboratory animal tests until one day they become obsolete.  Technological advances in the diagnosis and analysis of naturally occurring disease mean that for the first time in history the end point of the study of disease does not need to be death.

We believe we all share responsibility for creating a fairer society, with better opportunities to benefit equitably from medical progress for humans and animals. If we miss this opportunity we will all pay the price in wasted time, wasted money and the wasted lives of both humans and animals.

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