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Imkaan was established in 1998 to create a collaborative network for the specialist Black and minoritised women’s sector. At the time, Black and minoritised women’s organisations did not have a nationally representative body that could advocate on their behalf.

Imkaan was established as an intersectional Black feminist organisation to address structural inequalities. Two decades later, Imkaan is the only national umbrella organisation supporting the Black minoritised women and girls’ sector with membership in England, Scotland and Wales.

Imkaan provides a number of services to frontline Black and minoritised women and girls’ organisations. these services include research and evaluation, training, member support and capacity building, strategic advocacy, and policy. Imkaan works around human rights, social justice and equalities frameworks.

Imkaan’s approach to intersectionality identifies how multiple and interlocking oppression including age, class, caste, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and migrant status among others affects the lives of women and girls. Through this approach Black and minoritised women and girls’ lived experiences are not reduced to tick box exercises, redefined as fit one size fits all, or marginalised in public discourse.

Using intersectionality, Imkaan moves Black and minoritised women and girls’ experiences from the margin to the centre. This is a new post that will bring together strategic advocacy with policy and public affairs.

For more information about Imkaan, you are encouraged to visit the website where you will find resources, information  and publications which will help you to understand who we are, what we do and how we work.

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