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Our mission is to improve pupil outcomes and life chances by addressing the evaluation deficit.

In our education system, we invest substantial time, money, and energy in different initiatives and interventions to improve outcomes for pupils. Through a range of evaluations, we know that some of these changes will be incredibly effective. However, we also know that all too often such programmes can work against their intended aims. And assessing what is working effectively and what isn't is not an easy process.

Evidence suggests that most schools and providers are not equipped to effectively evaluate their work. Over a 6 month research process, only 3% of schools that we interviewed were confident in their impact evaluation. Similarly, a survey of 1,000 charities found that only 25% had been able to use evaluation to improve their services.

Not only does this mean that we don't know whether many programmes have a positive, negligible or negative impact, it also means we may well be spending time on activities that have no benefit for young people. We call this problem the evaluation deficit.

If we can address this evaluation deficit, two main outcomes are possible: teachers working smarter, not harder, on what makes the biggest difference, and young people equipped to thrive and succeed through being supported in the best ways possible.

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