About Integrity Action

Integrity Action offers compelling positions in a stimulating multicultural workplace.

Our organisational culture is flexible, inclusive and participative, in which each member's contribution is welcomed and encouraged.

Our small, London-based team is made of committed and hardworking professionals who work well together. Integrity Action offers generous benefits for staff.

About us: Across the world, and particularly in countries of the Global South, citizens fail to receive essential services and entitlements from the institutions on which they rely. Integrity Action enables citizens to improve the delivery of essential services, infrastructure projects and humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most challenging environments. 

Our work has focussed on enabling citizens - including the most marginalised - to promote integrity in their communities and wider society, so that public services and development projects are delivered to a high standard.

Our vision is for a just and equitable world, where citizens are empowered and integrity is central to vibrant societies.

Our mission is to help build societies in which all citizens can - and do - successfully demand integrity from the institutions they rely on.

Our values (“what we believe in”):

  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Rational creativity
  • Purposeful curiosity
  • Collaboration

Operating principles (“how we conduct ourselves”):

  • We are bold, and not afraid to question the status quo - or ourselves
  • We act responsibly and listen to and act on the views of the people we work with
  • We are open about our successes and failures, and open in our engagement with partners and people 
  • We are constructive, and believe problems can best be solved when everyone's needs are recognised
  • We care about impact, and about people - we strive to ensure our work is enjoyable, inclusive and fulfilling for all concerned

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