King's Arms Project

KAP: Reaching Out, Providing a Home, Creating Community

The Kings Arms Project was started over 30 years ago as a response to seeing rough sleepers on the streets on the streets of Bedford. Founded on the Biblical mandate to care for the poor and speak out for the defenceless it has grown into a charity which seeks to alleviate human suffering brought on through material and spiritual poverty by reaching out to those in need, providing a home and creating opportunity in the context of community.

Our Vision

Every person thriving in a place they can call home, living a fulfilling life alongside others in community.

Our Mission

To tackle homelessness and its causes, show the love of Jesus to all, provide opportunity for change and draw people out of isolation into a meaningful community.

Our Values

We believe that God is good

Our Christian faith underpins everything that we do. We are committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus Christ in serving the poor, protecting the vulnerable and including the forgotten.


We believe there is no such thing as a hopeless case

No-one is too entrenched in poverty of any kind that they are beyond help. We refuse to give up on anybody and believe that every person is significant.


We believe people deserve opportunity

Everyone deserves the chance to advance themselves and see dreams realised. We believe in supporting and equipping people on their journey toward achieving personal success.


We believe people belong in Community

No-one should have to go through life alone. We want to build people into a community where they feel safe and are resourced to contribute.


We believe everyone can play their part

We recognise local people, businesses and faith communities have a wealth of experience, resources and opportunities and can contribute in their own way to improving people's chances.  We will take others with us on the journey to serve the poor as best we can.

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