Lancashire Mind

Lancashire Mind are more than a mental health charity. We’re a passionate movement leading the mental wellbeing revolution in Lancashire. Our vision is Mental Wellbeing for All.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition in any given year. We believe prevention is the solution to reducing this number.

With your help we can stop misconceptions about mental health, develop resilience in people from an early age and work with communities to build a happier Lancashire. Together we can make Lancashire the beacon county for mental wellbeing.

We are an independent charity focused on Lancashire and we work in partnership with the UK’s leading national mental health charity, Mind.

Our work helps everyone to value and take care of their mental health. We do this in five ways:

- Creating a happier Lancashire by sharing simple steps to improve wellbeing.

- Helping people to overcome barriers by giving them the tools they need to get back on track.

- Helping children bounce forward through tough times.

- Ensuring mental health is seen as important as physical health.

- Challenging misconceptions and making sure everyone experiencing a mental health condition is treated as an equal in society.

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