About Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is an award winning Social Enterprise.

  • The Leaders Plus Fellowship is an award-winning, evidence-informed Programme designed to support talented individuals to stay on the leadership pipeline and continue to develop their careers while enjoying their young families.
  • The aims of the Fellowship are to:

a.) support parents with young children to develop and progress their careers and

b.)  support them to become part of a positive movement for change so all parents can progress to leadership roles.

  • The Fellowship offers access to a cross sector peer network, career acceleration workshops rooted in research about career progression, senior leader mentors, workshops with key supporters (e.g. their line manager and their partner if applicable) and support to drive change within their organisation. Fellows can bring along their babies to all sessions. The Programme is open to all genders.
  • The Fellowship is funded by employers. 50% of applicants hear about it via word of mouth or social media, the other 50% come from employers who put their parents forward.
  • Fellows come from a range of sectors including organisations such as HSBC, the NHS, the BBC, London councils as well as charities such as the Salvation Army.
  • Find out more about Leaders Plus and the Fellowship online on our website.

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