About Learn English at Home

Learn English at Home is a charity with a 39-year history of supporting ethnically diverse adults to learn English, empowering clients to become active participants in their local communities.


We believe in an integrated society where language unlocks people’s potential to participate fully in family and community life.

Why are LEAH’s services so important?

Having limited English can impact access to vital services, including housing, education, healthcare and to find sustainable work. We enable clients to gain confidence, develop support networks, access services for themselves and their children and make their first steps towards college, volunteering and employment. Our work changes people's lives; empowering them to discover and take opportunities to actively integrate and participate in their local communities.

What do we do?

We work across Kingston, Richmond and Hounslow and through language support, signposting to local statutory and voluntary services and progression support, we empower people to become active in their communities and support social integration. We aim to provide a stepping stone to employment, volunteering, other educational opportunities and other forms of community involvement.

LEAH services include:

  • One-to-one English tuition, service engagement and transition support delivered in a client's home/remotely
  • Small community-based/remote English each focused on a specific learning need of the group (e.g. literacy, communication with the school)
  • In work English courses within businesses that support workers with limited English to improve skills, access local services and progress in the workplace
  • Social integration social activities to build social networks and practice English
  • Active signposting to local statutory and voluntary provision, and support to transition to other opportunities, is embedded across all our services

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