About Lee Abbey London

Lee Abbey London is a hall of residence for international students staffed by a residential Christian community who live, work and worship together. 

Our staff is made up of Christians from around the world, most of whom live in as part of our community. We live and work according to Christian values, expressed through service and hospitality. Our priority is to provide a comfortable and welcoming ‘home from home’ to the students who live here.

Lee Abbey is a Church of England foundation and our community includes members from many Christian traditions. We will never put anyone under any pressure to change their beliefs, but we welcome questions about our faith and values.

Our values can be summed up in three words:


We love God and others, keeping Christ at the centre of our lives and trusting that all things are possible in his strength. We make it a priority to keep our spiritual passion alive and grow deeper in relationship with God.


We aim to reveal God’s kindness and generosity through working with, and serving others with excellence. We choose to extend God’s welcome to whoever we meet, to show our spirit of adventure, love of life and thankfulness.


We honour others by living with integrity, in an open and honest way. We don’t gossip, criticise or judge. Instead, we choose to forgive and seek to be reconciled, just as we have been forgiven by Christ.

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